The Fast and Furious 6 Quote that is taking over the world

Fast and Furious franchise

Vin Diesel can be regarded as the glue that is holding the entire franchise together. Sometimes it becomes hard to differentiate that from where Vin Diesel ends and his character of Dominic Toretto begins. It is the truth that the movie makes everyone Ride or Die. So let us dig a little deeper that why this dialogue is so important in the history of Fast and Furious.
It is now famous as the American franchise of the action files that has been loved by the audience. It is based on street racing and illegal acts that create heist among the family and friends. You will find an amazing storyline and remarkable action in the film.
Fast&Furious series begins in 2001 with the release of The Fast and The Furious and since 2017, seven other sequels has been released. It is the 6th highest grossing film franchise of all times.

History of the quote

All the dialogues from the Fast and Furious films are famous but none of them has been able to take the place of Ride or Die from Fast and Furious 6 (2013).
  • The moment at which Dom (Vin Diesel) says the dialogue is very interesting because he recently found out that his girlfriend is alive.
  • Now he wants to win her over again and he knows that the only thing she loves is racing.
  • He knows that he can get her back by winning the ultimate race and this what he do.
  • He gets into the car and that is the moment when he says you Ride or Die.

The reason for saying these words is that Letty (Dom’s girlfriend played by Michelle Rodriguez) is everything to him. It is important for him to get her back and if he is unable to ride and win the race than it is better that he die because a life without her is equal to death for Dom.
This scene is loved by all the Fast and Furious fans because they know that Dom never loses and so the when the audience heard the dialogue for the first time it was hard for them to control their cheers.

Taking over the world.

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