"I am your father" : The Star Wars Quote With An Untold Story

We all know that the Star Wars is the most famous movie. However, there is a special quote from every series that is remembered by the fans for ages. This is the reason that the moment you will ask a Star Wars fan to quote a dialogue of the movie, you will without a doubt hear “I AM YOUR FATHER”. And today, on the Star Wars Day (together with the 4th of May) we want to celebrate it.

The quote

In the Star Wars series, it is the dialogue that has been uttered by the villain Darth Vader. It is from the 5th Episode-The empire strikes back. Now the story behind the whole dialogue is very complication and hard to understand.
Luke Skywalker is fighting against Darth Vader and he is winning. However, in order to turn him against his comrades, Darth Vader asks Luke about his father. He is aware that Luke has a special corner in his heart for his father and he will go soft upon asking about it.
The dialogue starts like the Darth Vader ask Luke that what he knows about his father.
Luke tells him that I know enough about my father and I have been told by Obi-Wan that you are the one who killed him.
Hearing this Darth Vader has an evil smile on his face and he told him that Luke I AM YOUR FATHER.
He knows that the moment he will disclose this information Luke will go against his comrades and forces because they have kept this information hidden from him.

The fame

The audience received this dialogue in a different way. However, as the dialogue become old its popularity increased. In the beginning, there was an audio shared by a YouTuber in which he said that Darth Vader has made fun of the emotions of Luke because he knows that he has always longed for the love of his father. The shared audio was not very popular and the audience did not give it much importance.
One of the most famous reactions shared about this dialogue was a kid who exactly copied the expressions and words of Darth Vader. Apart from that, there have been many reactions and videos shared on the YouTube.
Apart from Star Wars, there were many other movies released in the same year. However, their quotes did not have the fame as that of Star Wars. If you have not heard the dialogue the make sure that you at least watch the original clip.
Whether you watch the complete movie or only the clip, the expressions and the delivery of the words will mesmerize you. So make sure that you tune into your YouTube channel and look for the video so that you can enjoy the quotes.
Image credits: Lucasfilm Ltd. 

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